Monday, July 07, 2014

Unusual Spider near pond

I found this unusual spider hanging from the vegetation over my pond on 17/05/14, and from the photograph it appears cleverly camouflaged. I have identified it as a Large jawed orb web spider which lives in damp areas or near water. I am almost certain the species is Tetragnatha extensa, but cannot be certain without better photography.
Believe it or not this spider is common and widespread throughout Britain, which just goes to show I have never looked carefully enough around the pond area. When alarmed, they leave their web and stretch themselves out along blades of grass or stems, thus becoming very inconspicuous as in this picture. The name Tetragnatha means 'four jawed', and therefore they have some seriously large food processing utensils attached to their heads. They eat flies and other small invertebrates.


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