Tuesday, January 27, 2015

RSPB Garden Birdwatch 2015

I would like to show a photograph of an unusual bird seen on this years Garden Birdwatch, but alas, the House Sparrow is as good as its gets. However, on a more positive note, the humble House Sparrow is doing very well around here, thanks in part to the seed feeders that are always well topped up in my garden. There seem to be two colonies nearby that roost in thick shrubs in neighbouring gardens. Where they all nest is largely a mystery, but I have seem them under the roof tiles at the front of my house from time to time, but not in the purpose built 3 compartment terrace nest box.
This year I did my birdwatch on the Saturday between 10:25 and 11:25. The weather was sunny with a temperature of 5'c and the results are as follows:
House Sparrow = 10.
Wood Pigeon = 6.
Starling = 5.
Magpie = 2.
Dunnock = 1.
Robin = 1.
Blackbird = 1.
Blue Tit = 1.
Pied Wagtail = 1.
This gives a total of 28 birds and 9 Species, which is slightly better than last year.
There have been no Greenfinches since 2010 and even more surprising, this year was the first year since recording begun in 2001 that there have been no Goldfinches.


Anonymous Jean Willows said...

I also have loads of sparrows in my garden. We have thick hedges which I believe some of them nest in. In addition we have two triple tower nest boxes, one that is used regularly, the other put up this year still has to be christened. Some of the sparrows slide up under the facia board at the rear of the house where the uneven wall has left a bit of a gap but we have had to prevent them getting into the loft because of the mess that results.

Hope you are keeping well. Jean

3:03 pm  

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