Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Urban Fox

Since the end of April, we have noticed an urban Fox visiting the front gardens in our neighbourhood. This is a lovely sight to behold and as he always triggers our security light, we get wonderful views.
We have of course started feeding it as it does look a little thin. Peanuts at first which it seems to devour with gusto, with the added bonus that it gives us plenty of time to observe it. We are now also giving it raisens and a couple of dog biscuits.

This comes at a time when David Cameron is soon expected to fulfil his manifesto pledge and offer MPs a free vote on repealing the Hunting Act. Bizarrely, 80% of people are opposed to the act according to opinion polls, but 85% of Conservative MPs want to repeal the act. This is democracy at its worst.
Is there anything we can do about it? Find out where your MP stands on the issue (warning very depressing) and


Anonymous Russia Adventure Tour said...

I never see a real fox in my whole life...but still I find them cute.

10:46 am  
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